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Mon Jun 25 21:11:35 CDT 2001

> Didnt one Mac even have its *display* connected via ADB?  I think to
> remember a model of Mac II I used in college...

Nope.  There were some Apple monitors with ADB ports on them, to feed the
KB/mouse/etc, but all video has always gone over either S/VGA ports,
13W3, etc.(in other words industry std. stuff) or Apple proprietary
silliness(HPV, etc).  Nothing ever via ADB.

> > Just bought a 40port itouch/xyplex/whoever for work, was cheaper than
> > those SCSI DigiPort boxes.
> I'm still looking for a cheap Portmaster or something that *doesent*
> rely on another box for its OS load.
> Bill
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