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Mon Jun 25 21:08:49 CDT 2001

jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu writes:

>Is ethernet really adequate for such devices?  I saw USB more as replacing
>PS/2, ADB, Serial, parallel, and to a lesser extent SCSI for low bandwidth

With ethernet, you've already got 10, 100, & 1000 mbit, depending on
what you need, with hubs, switches, high-end switches, routers,
bridges, copper or fiber, and near-universal compatability already.
Wide range of performance, price, and features, all compatible.

>With ethernet, you'd have to buy large switches, which aren't that cheap.

There are no switched busses in a PC that I'm aware of. If you want
that performance, you can buy it. If not, use a cheap hub.

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