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Well I'm an american living in Ireland, and I will say there are some useful
Irish (and english) -isms

For example rather than say you be there at nine thirty, you say "Half
nine". Personally I think that works.

Same thing for the weeks. Instead of "a week from next thursday" its
"thursday week". Very economical speech patterns these.

Theres a somewhat strange one that refers to the subject of the previous
sentence, 'your man'. As in 'Your man there didnt do fuck all for me'

Which leads me into the great swear words and or expressions

Bugger = originally referring to homosexuality, now a general swear
Bastard = Used in the same sense as 'it's a real bitch' would be in the
Fuck all = worse (or less than) nothing
bloody or bleeding = general swear word, often used like 'fucking' as in
'bleeding christ' = 'fucking christ'

And of course I love the liberal use of the word fuck (or sometimes fook or
feck, see spitting comedey or Father Ted for more explanation)  by the
Irish. Fuck can be used by anyone in any situation. Little old ladies use
fuck, priests use fuck, just about everyone over the age of 10 uses fuck
just about all the fucking time.

Of course there's also some really strange things. For example how would you
pronounce the following 'Dun Laoghaire'?

It's dun (rhymes with fun) leary (as in the comedian Dennis Leary)

Now tell me how Laoghaire is Leary?

And of course calling french fries chips doesnt really make sense, but then
neither does calling them french fries. They do cal potato chips crisps
which sort of makes sense.

A truck isn't always a Lorry here either. It could be a wagon or a van, even
though they are both trucks.

Oh and trailer homes are called caravans. People who live in them instead of
being called white trash are called travellers if you want to be polite, or
'bloody fucking knackers' if you don't

Ahh the joys of the english language

Chris Byrne

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On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 09:25:17AM +0100, P.A.Osborne wrote:
> Nice to see you fine chaps across the pond spelling cheque correctly.
> :-)
> Paul


Its a "trunk", not a "bonnet"
its a "vacation" not a "holiday"
its a "dumpster" not a "skip"
its a "elevator" not a "lift"
its a "flashlight" not a "torch"
its "equipment" not "kit"
its a "pharmacist" not a "chemist"


I cant think of any else...  Of course, I get made fun of for
my redneck pronunciation of "root".  And you guys DID come up
with Monty Python...


Bill Bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
Austin, TX

And let us not forget the great "Benny Hill"

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