[rescue] cgnine

rescue at sunhelp.org rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 18:33:41 CDT 2001

   Whether a machine will use a particular color framebuffer as a boot
console depends on the boot ROM revision. I never tried using my cgnine
as console, but I'm not surprised that none of the Sun-3's would come up
with it since as far as I can tell Sun never sold or supported a cgnine in
a Sun-3.

   On the other hand, speaking from experience, SunOS 4.1.1 sun3 does
have the cgnine drivers in it and they do work. I ran for years in just
the configuration you're contemplating -- cgnine as a secondary framebuffer
in a 3/200 under 4.1.1. In order to actually use it for anything, you'll
have to build X11R6 yourself and hack the code to treat the cgnine as a
cgeight, but that's doable. The result is deathly slow, but it works.

   Someday I may try my hand at writing NetBSD drivers for the thing.

   --James B.

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