[rescue] ATT Unix PC: RESCUED!!!!

Gil Young rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 16:40:47 CDT 2001

As I mentioned before, I had the opportunity to rescue the Unix system that 
I first cut my teeth on, the ATT Unix PC, from the friend that I gave it to 
in order for him to learn UNIX on.  He had it in a storage bin for the past 
4-5 years.  He ended up going to the dark side in a big way, poor lad.

This is the machine that started it all for me, geared me up for landing my 
first UNIX job, etc...

How I got it:  My dad worked for ATT and they had a special offer for these 
units to the employees, and he got me one!

It has 1 meg of RAM, a 20 meg hard drive and a 8086 daughterboard for 
running DOS.

As of yesterday, it is back home now :):):).  It is missing the springs for 
under the space key, but I hope to scavenge a few keyboards for the right 
parts.  If anyone has a spare keyboard (or any other parts/paraphernalia) 
from these units and want to get rid of them, let me know, it would be 
mucho appreciated :)!  I would especially be interested in OS media, 
ethernet cards,  memory expansion boards, bigger HD, anything to make it 
more beefier or net-worthy.

And yes, it still boots (faster than most windoze machine IMHO)!  And yes, 
I still remembered the root password on it :p.

Here is a pic of one:


Gil Young
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Version: 3.12
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