[rescue] Anal Probes and NT

Robert Novak rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 16:30:04 CDT 2001

On Mon, 25 Jun 2001, Greg A. Woods wrote:

> [ On Monday, June 25, 2001 at 13:37:49 (-0500), Bill Bradford wrote: ]
> > > > I'd prefer being an NT admin to shoving my hand up a cow's ass.
> > 
> > I told Amy once, I'd admin NT - for $150K/year.  I *do* have my
> > price. 8-)
> I'll do it for $300k -- and hire you to work in my place!  ;-)

A bargain at twice the price. 

Seriously, I actually came close to pursuing a job recently that would've
been mostly NT/2K admin/maintenance, software build management on NT/2K,
and testing. They had one (1) Sun in the building, with no plans to add
more anytime soon. Why would I do something insane like that?

Mainly because the people I'd have been working with were good people who
I liked and trusted, and it was a management team I believed in. I'm
willing to consider evil things like Windows or HP/UX or AIX for that sort
of consideration, especially when I'm in a Sun shop without the qualities
just mentioned (or at least without them to the extent that the Windows
shop had them).

If the percentages had been different for sysadmin vs cfg mgmt vs devtest,
I might well be working there today. I'd be cherishing my heavy Sun metal
at home more, and maybe bringing some of it in instead of selling it on
ebay, but I'd rather do unpleasant work in a pleasant environment than the
other way around.


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