[rescue] Weitek PowerUP CPU

Stephen Dowdy rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 15:51:54 CDT 2001

>     Does anyone know how to install the Weitek PowerUP chip?  I have =
> been trying to pry the existing Sun processor out of an SS-2 for about =
> 20 minutes now with no headway (other then bending one of my knives).  =
> Is there a tool I need to pry the existing chip out?

Yes, there is a tool, you should be able to get one at an electronics

However, if you use care and a large flat-blad screw-driver, you can get
the old chip out.

The trick with removal/insertion via the "screwdriver" method is slow,
methodical, attacks from all angles

Remove the motherboard from the SS2 casing and place on a table. Be
    careful of static discharge.

place a small piece of paperboard (non-corrugated cardboard) under the
edge of the cpu to protect motherboard traces.

CAREFULLY place the flat edge of the screwdriver under the edge of the
    existing cpu and pry up from an edge/corner making sure you don't
    lever on other components which might shatter (ouch).  you can wiggle
    the screwdriver clockwise/counter-clockwise if you don't use too much
    pressure on the leading edge resting on the cardboard.  Don't scratch
    the motherboard!

Do this little by little on each side until the chip finally frees itself.
(Some old chips may be really hard to free if heated up for many years)

line up the holes on the new chip, place it on carefully, jiggle it back
and forth and side to side a little bit to help guide the pins into the
holes and *SLOWLY* push the chip in.  Force may be necessary later on
after you are sure no pins are being bent.

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