[rescue] Another fine business decision for us axp-lovers

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Mon Jun 25 13:04:09 CDT 2001

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I hear that veternary medicine is harder to get into that people medicine
is.  Kinda scary really.<

IANAV (I am not a Vet) but I thought real hard about it once upon a time.
If I remember right ..

Four year ag. degree, followed by a 2 or 3 (?) year vet school.  Not
everyone is accepted right after they finish their BS (they're damn picky at
OSU) and if you don't get in you either get to do another year of school, or
get a job doing 'something else' until you're accepted.

I took the path of least resistance, after high school I enliested in the
Marines.  The vet program at OSU looked *tough*.

I dunno about the scary part - you can always pick your own doc, but afaik a
large part of a vet's professional life is keeping livestock edible.  I'd
rather those folks be really really good at their job.


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