[rescue] The end of alpha

Mike Nicewonger rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 12:44:52 CDT 2001

> The other point they bring up again and again is that Compaq, by freeing
> itself of microprocessor architecture development, has freed up corporate
> resources (read dollars) to devote towards OS improvements and porting.
> Given that Compaq has already done the majority to the work in porting
> to IA-64 (remember "Bravo"?) and supposedly the VMS crew has ported VMS to
> ride on top of a Mach kernel, I doubt they'll be blowing a lot of the
> dollars on porting.  Tru64 is already a beautiful OS to work with, if they
> keep improving it and pushing it out into the common Itanium arena, this
> could be a really good thing...But I'm dangerously close to triggering
> another OS holy war, so I'll leave this here...

Can anyone shed some light here, I have a quad proc Alpha Server 2100 (4 x
4/275) and also have the hobbyist version of Tru64 does it SMP? I have been
told it does not, I have been told it do. I am so confused :) At least I am
not conFUDed :)

While it seems that some good may come out of the demise of Alpha, I am sill
very saddened. Nothing good can come from Intel. (OK I liked the PPro)

Mike N

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