[rescue] Another fine business decision for us axp-lovers

Chris Petersen rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 12:12:48 CDT 2001

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 11:54:42AM -0400, James Fogg wrote:
> Btw...
> Its nice to see that Intel needed Compaq's help to finish the Itanium.

James, you're on to one of the few good aspects of this thing - the fact
that presumably Intel's shelling out enough dough that they'll be using
Alpha tech to make Itanium go...

And if they can pull that off, then we get to the other decent part - really
good OSes available on commodity hardware (Maybe this deal will finally
shutup the old VMS diehards that have been chanting "VMS on Intel" for 10+
years...).  Actually, this would stand to help Tru64's market share
potentially, I would imagine.  And anything that increases use of Tru64
makes me somewhat happy...

The Alpha's been a good soldier so far, and will continue to be in the
future.  As McGuire noted, it's not like the current gear will just stop
after this announcement...

That feature's not slated until Mickeysoft and Intel announce their next
partnership :)


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