[rescue] RE: Racks (in St. Louis)...

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 11:43:20 CDT 2001

My wife is in St. Louis (for a medical trade show) - could these racks be made into carry-on luggage? ;^)

A cross-country trip for a full-sized rack is about $150-200 IIRC, from my recent dance with bodoman for the spiffy Sun rack they had on ebay...


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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 10:37:28 -0500
From: "J. Buck Caldwell" <buckaroo at liveround.com>
To: linc <linc at thelinuxlink.net>
Cc: port-vax at netbsd.org, rescue at sunhelp.org
Subject: [rescue] Re: More Begging... (Racks Available)
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Regarding Racks:
 Ok, so I'm not exactly in the greater PA area, but I have some racks that I
need to get rid of in the St. Louis area. I have one full-height DEC rack,
with a pair of 4000/200 (and lower) Qbus enclosures (ie, all Q/CD, not the
4000/[3456]00 bus) mounted in it (including qbus extender cards). I have one
half-height DEC rack, and I have one half-height DEC rack with the large
ventilated sides (such as the UVII/RA81 pair used to come in). Both the
shorter racks have only half a top - they were designed to have an RA8x drive
in the top, and so provide access to the swing-open top of said drive.

I do have backs for both short racks and front & back swinging doors for the
full-height one.

Make me an offer.
 - J. Buck Caldwell

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