[rescue] geeky toys

James Fogg rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 08:20:20 CDT 2001

Hmm... non-puter geekly toys...

Micronta VoxClock talking clock
Ball clock (steel balls on a track count time)
Actual working Aniversary clock (real rotating pendulum on the escapement, not
motor driven fakey). 
Graphlex Crown Graphic medium format camera w/ sheet,120 roll and Poloraid backs
Magellan GPS, handheld
Pontoon boat to go with the GPS (I actually found a hobby more expensive than
Star Wars model rocketry set, new in box (X wing and Millenium Falcon)
PBX and voicemail machine (working/installed)
Gertz FM-8 station monitor with deviation meter (ever seen vacuum tube phase
locked loop!)
Deviation meter (measures up to 25%, so commercial FM is possible)
Rad-ified RS 2006 scanner, covers DC to Daylight (cellphone too)
Numerous tube type parlor and table radios
Burger-phone (I should post a picture of this, imagine separating the hinged
buns and talking into a burger).
Generators (two, one antique)
Jacobs Ladder, home made 20Kv and way too cool (got thrown out of a 5th
grade science fair with this, school admin thought I was going to kill someone
accidentally with it)
Leslie Tremelo (real rotating speaker model, not electronic warble - Now I
can learn guitar and sound like Bo Didley!)
Stromberg Carlson Theater Amp, 950 Watt tube type, pair.
1922 Operating Department Rule Book for Movement of Trains, Boston and Maine
1946 Enginemans Manual, Fairbanks-Morse Diesel-Electric Locomotive (ever seen a
diesel engine with NO cylinder heads? F-M did it, amazing!)
1970-ish General Electric financial calculator, not Nixie, but flouresent
display (blue-green cathode discharge grid-type flat display)
Wolensak 16mm film strip projector with built in cassette deck (I think every
school had these)
Johnson-Carly Thermo-Source (handheld device, compressed air goes in, two
airstreams come out, one very hot, one freezing cold - something about the
Venturi effect makes it happen).

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