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Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Mon Jun 25 06:55:24 CDT 2001

That might just be those Microtek scanners.  I've used two different HP
USB scanners, and I have an Epson USB scanner, and all of them just work.
I also have an HP USB printer, and that thing has never worked via USB.
After an hour or two of fighting with it, we just give up and use parallel
with it.  Bleh. :(.

Joshua Boyd

On 24 Jun 2001, Graham Hughes wrote:

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> >>>>> "Joshua" == Joshua D Boyd <jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu> writes:
>     Joshua> Brand new USB scanners are pretty cheap (>$100).  If that
>     Joshua> is too expensive for you, or you want a better scanner,
>     Joshua> good scsi scanners can be had for decent prices on ebay.
>     Joshua> In my experience, parallel should be avoided at all costs.
> In my experience, USB scanners bite the big one.  We had a couple
> Microteks in at work with the intention of creating a scanning
> station.  Well, the Zip drive wasn't a problem at all.  The Jaz drive
> through the SCSI->USB interface, that worked the first time.  The
> scanner?  That little bastard was so sensitive to the topology of the
> bus that I could never actually get it to work.  I have since gathered
> that this is not an uncommon scenario for USB scanners.
> I think it takes a lot of work to make something less reliable than
> Iomega products, but Microtek managed it somehow.
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