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The ADB bus is not hot swapable.  It seemed to be, but eventually you would
screw up your machine (read, destroy your ADB ports).  Unfortunatly, ADB is
onboard on all the Macs I've seen, so you essentially destroy the machine
when you do that.
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> On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 06:35:48PM -0400, dave at cca.org wrote:
> > jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu writes:
> >
> > >I personally think that USB is rather nice.  I wonder if it would be
> > >possible to get working via a USB PC Card, and a sbus PC card thing.
> > >Those sorts of USB cards probably wouldn't be supported by solaris
> >
> > USB pisses me off in principle because we already had ethernet.
> For that matter, we already had ADB.  Ethernet and USB have very little
> in common.
> PC Industry then:  ADB?  A serial desktop bus?  Keyboards and mice
> daisy-chainable?  Who'd want to hook a modem to a keyboard?  HAHAHAHAH
> PC Industry now:  USB is the greatest serial desktop bus ever.  You can
> daisy-chain mice, keyboards, scanners, modems...
> Intel then:  FireWire will never work.  It's a waste of money and time.
> We plan to push USB instead.
> Intel now:  IEEE 1394, proudly co-developed by Intel.
> > Terminal servers have gotten really cheap recently.
> Just bought a 40port itouch/xyplex/whoever for work, was cheaper than
> those SCSI DigiPort boxes.
> Reagen
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