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Mon Jun 25 01:52:11 CDT 2001

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>>>>> "Joshua" == Joshua D Boyd <jdboyd at cs.millersville.edu> writes:

    Joshua> Brand new USB scanners are pretty cheap (>$100).  If that
    Joshua> is too expensive for you, or you want a better scanner,
    Joshua> good scsi scanners can be had for decent prices on ebay.
    Joshua> In my experience, parallel should be avoided at all costs.

In my experience, USB scanners bite the big one.  We had a couple
Microteks in at work with the intention of creating a scanning
station.  Well, the Zip drive wasn't a problem at all.  The Jaz drive
through the SCSI->USB interface, that worked the first time.  The
scanner?  That little bastard was so sensitive to the topology of the
bus that I could never actually get it to work.  I have since gathered
that this is not an uncommon scenario for USB scanners.

I think it takes a lot of work to make something less reliable than
Iomega products, but Microtek managed it somehow.
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