[rescue] The end of alpha

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AMD licensed the EV6 bus for the Athlon.  They also hired a bunch of
ex-Digital engineers to design the Athlon.  Since Intel is buying Alpha
(http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/3/19942.html), if AMD chooses to
license additional DEC technology for its ex-Alpha engineers to work with,
there is a good chance that Intel would either not allow them, or charge
proposterous prices.  It could be a way to counter the Athlon and
Sledgehammer, both of which are very good processors, and Intel has been
unable to design comparable processors to challenge them (The coppermine was
faster for a little while due to AMDs slow cache, AMD now uses full speed
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> On June 25, Dan Sikorski wrote:
> > >   Yeah...it's a pretty sad state of affairs.  I wonder what it would
> > > take to make Intel admit to the world that they're a bunch of
> > > blithering idiots who have NO FUCKING IDEA how to design high-speed
> > > processors.
> >
> > Or, is it an Anti-AMD move? They did license the EV6 bus stuff for the
> > athlon...
>   Not sure what you mean here...expand on this?
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