[rescue] Another fine business decision for us axp-lovers

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Sun Jun 24 21:49:33 CDT 2001

    Apple does in fact use 64 bit CPUs, all the PowerPC chips from the 601
up are 64bit.  The G4 is a 64bit core with a 128bit bus (from what I hear,
it may truly be 128bit, but since it is a modified G3 I doubt it).  Check
out www.everymac.com, they list specs on every macintosh model back to the
Mac 128k, and all the PowerPCs are listed as 64bit.
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> Hold up a second.  SGI is also heading towards Intel.
> And Apple doesn't really sell 64bit machines (well, they show no signs of
> making a 64bit OS, and from my understanding, the PPC can be 64bit, but
> the ones Apple uses aren't).  On the bright side, you forgot IBM.  They
> make 64bit PPCs and Power chips.  And IBM should be around a long time.
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> Joshua Boyd
> On Sun, 24 Jun 2001, Zach Malone wrote:
> > I thought it was funny reading the article on the Register about how
> > is thinking about buying Digital from Compaq.  So thus far, the list of
> > bit RISC manufacturers which are going to Intel consists of HP, and
> > DEC/Compaq.  At least we still have Sun, SGI, and Apple, though only Sun
> > Apple seem to produce nice workstations for a reasonable price.
> > Sun will be releasing UltraSPARC IIIs @ higher clockspeeds soon.
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