[rescue] Mixing CPU modules with different part no.

Guess rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 24 21:34:56 CDT 2001

Hello Gurus,

I read about the general module configuration rules
from http://mbus.sunhelp.org/misc/genconf.htm. It says
we should be careful when mixing module with different
part no.(even of same type) and we "should not mix
MXCC cache-controllers of differing major revisions,
on the same MBus/XBus".

I currently have a module(part no.501-2904) running in
my SS20 and thinking of adding another module to
it(part no.501-4130). By refering to this page
http://mbus.sunhelp.org/modules, since 501-2904 and
501-4130 have similar MXCC ver.no., furthermore MBus
and XBus speed also the same. Does this mean I have no
problem of mixing them ?

By the way, what does the 2.3 and 2.4.5 in "501-2904
SuperSPARC-II 2.3" and "501-4130 SuperSPARC-II 2.4.5"
means ?

Thank you

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