[rescue] This is starting to bug me: *Cheques*

James Sharp rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 24 20:13:33 CDT 2001

> > This is really starting to bug me, can you all please _check_ your spelling
> > the next time you write Bill and Amy a _cheque_ for lots of money.
> Are there any Czechs in the audience?
> Just czech'ing,

So this guy was at the zoo one day...over by the bear caves.  He was
watching a little boy who had wandered away from the group of Czech
tourists.  The little boy was playing by the bears when he fell in and was
quickly devoured by one of the bears.

The little boy's family was horrified...and keeping with tradition, they
wanted the boy's remains so they could bury him.  Unfortunately, this
would require destroying the bear and removing the boy from the bears
stomach.  The zoo keepers didn't want to destroy both bears, so they asked
the guy which bear it was who ate the kid.  The man said "Oh, it was the
big male bear who did it".  The zoo keepers quickly killed the bear and
cut it open, but did not find the boy.

Dejected, they then cut open the female bear and found the remains of the
boy inside.

The moral of the story?  Never believe anyone when he tells you the Czech
is in the male.

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