[rescue] Merits of giving up eating for a few months

John Eo rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 24 16:24:38 CDT 2001

Hello to all.  I have questions that have risen from Ken's posting about the
Ultra 30 deal.  I'm on a pretty tight budget but I can't ignore the deal.
So, in order to justify the possible purchase of the machine, I need some
questions answered:

1) What would I be able to do with it?  I would like to do Java development
with Borland JBuilder Personal Edition (but the minimum req suggests Ultra
2).  But other than that, what can I do with it without purchasing
commercial software?  Are there good open-source 3D design and rendering
programs out there?

2) Would the same amount of money be better spent on it or a cheap PeeCee
with Linux?  I have no clue as to how fast the Ultra is.  It definitely has
the coolness factor over any PeeCee, but the machine is still costly.  What
can it do that a PeeCee can't?

3) What about the Ultra 1 deal?  I won't be able to run JBuilder on it, but
what can it do for me?  Is it also a very good deal?

Thanks in advance,

John "I don't do signatures" Eo

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