[rescue] OT: Web Hosting

Paul Sladen rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 24 02:59:35 CDT 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Brian Dunbar wrote:

> You're a knowledgeable bunch of guys. And girls (Hi Amy!).

NB. to Amy -- don't read the following, you'll learn all our secrets... 8=)

> My wife has gotten bit by the "I need a web site" bug and she wants to
> experiment selling gewgaws and trinkets.
> Any good recommendations for a host?

<cowboy-builder-voice> Website eh? -- Dunno, might cost...  Price of Fibre
these days, Machines, Rackings, Backup, AS route, Redundancy, UPS's.</>

Slipping the Diesel Generator, and 8ft racks past the spouse is alot easier
when you can pursude them that it's actual for THEIR benefit.

Hehe, Paul!

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