[rescue] What would you do?

Michael S. Schiller rescue at sunhelp.org
Sun Jun 24 01:53:51 CDT 2001

You should go for the SunBlade. Just make sure you keep it well packed up when
you ship it, Tennessee's a bit far from you, and I'd hate it if it broke before
it got here :)


"Chad A. Chance" wrote:

> I just got let go from a company that shut down operations in my city, I am
> due to get a fat severance package plus I have a good job lined up.
> The question is, what should I do with this fat check that I will be getting
> in a matter of weeks?
> Get a new SunBlade 100 with all the goodies? Or...
> Get a nice used Ultra 30 or something with all the goodies?
> It's really a toss up for me, what makes it even worse, is the fact that I
> could get the educational discount on the Sun Blade 'cuz I just happen to
> know the head of the EE/CS department at a local university. With that
> discount I could get a fully loaded Sunblade with SunPCI, 21' monitor, scsi
> & extra memory for less than $2000.
> So, what woud you do?
> Chad
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