[rescue] I'm one happy geek

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 23 22:50:54 CDT 2001

Mark P. Messinger is my new hero.  he offered three PDP machines on this list
that i offered to pick up.  i'm expecting, oh, here's all the bits, if you
get them all together they might work. (how PDP collectors usually give PDPs
away *grin*) but what i get, is i show up, and he boots the 11/23 up into
RT-11.  wow.  sure, the other two will take some work, but i get my instant
gratification from this 11/23.  and a very well kept one.  the BA23 it's in
is mint condition.

i'm the happiest geek alive.

but wait, it gets better.  i also got several boxes of documentations.  books,
binders, DECUS meeting tapes, a whole treasure trove.  now i need some shelves
to display all this stuff and make it easily accessable.

thank you very much mark.  and feel good in knowing that these items have gone
to a very good home.  i will treasure them always.

if anyone is ever in central PA, stop by and visit this guy, the stories he
has to tell are wonderful, i only wish we would have had more time to stay
and chat, but, maybe some other day.

now i gott learn RT-11.  :)

-brian (one glowingly happy geek)

                        BOOTING FROM DU0
RT-11SJ  V05.03                        

                   .                                  .
                   .    BOOTED FROM HARD DISK DU0:    .
                   .                                  .

        A = COLUMBUS
        I = RUBBERMAID
        Q = SAJAR

.DATE 9-APR-99




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