[rescue] More on Silicon Samsara

Chad A. Chance rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 23 22:48:34 CDT 2001

Well, I'm going to give away my secret but, oh well....

The thing is that this 150 was actually rebranded, it has a Bridgepoint
sticker on it, so the seller didn't realize that he had a CPU that he could
have gotten a lot more for, plus most people are on the look out for Ross
procs and don't know about the few that Bridgepoint rebranded. From what I
understand, Bridgepoint did this to very few procs, so this thing is
probably pretty rare and worth even more then the Ross branded ones, from a
collector stand point at least.

Life is good at times :-)


-----Original Message-----
> I've really been in the market for SM81s but a killer deal presented
> on this 150(less than $100), so I snagged it, now if I could find another
> go with it, for some SMP action....

*garg* everywhere i look, people want like $300 for a 150.  i'd love to be
able to pick up a second 150 for my workstation, but not for $300 i don't.

if you find any more good deals like that you let me know!!!


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