[rescue] Ended up with a pile-o-twinax...

Robert Novak rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 23 17:17:45 CDT 2001

I posted earlier this week about having a box of BNC cabling. Turns out
most of it is various variations upon a twinax theme. There were three BNC
monitor-type cables but someone already asked so he has dibs on them.

There are some chunky DB9M-DB25M and DB9M-DB37M cables and 80 total twinax
cables. They're all in the same numbering scheme, 10-18319[123]-* ... the
DB shell cables are 10-183191-1 and -2, 78 of the cables are 10-183192-1
through -12 (6-7 each), and the 10-183193-1 and -2 cables are labeled WORD

I'm hoping the DB9-DB25 are straight-through or null-modem serial capable
cables... may have to break out a breakout box if I can find mine. DB37 I
have no use for at the moment.

Anybody recognize these numbers or have a use for these cables? I didn't
pay much for them, so a couple bux each ($3 at most) should cover postage
and a soda for me. If you want a bunch (geek bondage parties, etc...) I'll
make a deal... just want them out of the back of the car :)

There's also a bunch of ITT Cannon connector assemblies (little connectors
with lots of long thin leads coming out of them) in the bottom of the box,
but I didn't record their part numbers. If you want info on those or want
a pile of them, they're available for the cost of postage and paypal fees
(50c each or so?).


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