[rescue] Cycle 5 Board Upgrades, Found Reseller

Michael S. Schiller rescue at sunhelp.org
Sat Jun 23 00:37:11 CDT 2001

While on the topic of the Cycle-5 I have a quick question:

I have (or rather a friend of mine has) a Cycle-5/170 that we installed Sol8
on. It works great with one small problem. We can't seem to get the audio
working. mpg123 complains about /dev/audio and no sound comes from the machine.
We assumed that perhaps the Cycle just didn't have the audio hardware, and left
it at that. Then one day my friend was surfing the web with netscape, and went
to a site that had audio, and he nearly jumped out of his seat when music
started coming out of the cycle! Judging by the audio connector on the machine
(similar to that on some of the sun4c machines) does that mean that it doesn't
have the same audio as most sun4m machines? If not, how do we get it to work
with programs like mpg123? Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and one other question: I have a similar machine. but it appears to be
dead. the led never comes on, and nothing else happens. What would be a good
place to start looking for problems? I've replaced the ram in the machine
thinking maybe it was bad, but that didn't seem to do anything. Again, any help
would be appreciated.


Mike Nicewonger wrote:

> While Bodoman has always been fine to deal with IMHO, they are the folks
> posting those horribly misleading ads for things like the pair of SM-100's
> and the SS-10 VSIMMs for your SS-20.
> Go figure.
> Mike N
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> Subject: [rescue] Cycle 5 Board Upgrades, Found Reseller
> Hello everyone,
>     I found a reseller selling Cycle 5 board upgrades for the SPARCstation
> 2.  They are selling them with 100 mhz chips for 60$ a board.
> www.Bodoman.com is their URL, but they do not have the boards listed on
> their site.  Contact them via email or phone to order.  Upon calling, I got
> the impression that it is a fairly decent sized operation, and that they can
> be trusted, but I have not recieved my board yet (ordered 10 minutes ago) so
> I cannot make any definate comments yet.
>     Zach
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