[rescue] Opera and NetBSD -- STAY AWAY

Dan Sikorski rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 23:40:39 CDT 2001

> ps: i've seen some really dirty computers.  but this DEC 3000/700 has just won
> the award as being the dirties computer i've ever owned.  holy crap, what did
> they do? sit it next to a coal mine?

Well, now i just have the urge to share my "dirtiest 'puter" story.  I 
used to work for a company who manufactured bearings.  In the grinding 
area, they had a  few old PeeCee's that ran a  little program that they 
needed to do some calculations.  These things had been in service for 
several years before i got there.  When one finally bit the dust, we 
took it off of it's desk, and stood it up on it's side on the ground.  
After not paying attention to it, we went to pick it up, and found that 
it was sitting in a puddle of bearing grease that it had created.  
Apparantly, the bearing grease is non-conductive, or else the machine 
would not have lasted that long.  

   -Dan Sikorski

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