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Fri Jun 22 16:55:18 CDT 2001

newell at cei.net writes:

>With all the talk of SEMs and other geeky toys, what other cool unusual
>things do y'all have?

>My two geek toys are:

>A working atomic clock. (A cheap Rb, not a Cs primary standard.)

Wow. Atomic clocks are cool.

I've been meaning to pick up an optical microscope for years now,
but it keeps getting pushed back...

I have a microfiche reader. (I going to rerelease my comic books
on fiche.)

>A rescued Tektronix 556 dual beam 'scope: The pinnacle of Tek's tube scope
>line.  Simply beautiful engineering and construction quality.

I collect Tek storage tube vector graphics terminals, but that's
computer gear. I don't have many weird toys that aren't computer

Everyone here has an abacus and a slide rule, right? :-)

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