[rescue] Name this chemical...

Brian Dunbar rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 15:15:00 CDT 2001

>>>Air Force, used in F16 Auxililiary Power Units (like a UPS for a fighter
>Now, I'm just a dumb grunt . . I thought APUs were really just fancy
>diesel/gas powered units?  Keep in mind I've not seen too many, I was
>usually busy thinking other thoughts when I've flown Air Force ....

Remember, the '16 is fly by wire...you don't want to have to wait very long
for the APU to spool up if you lose the engine.  I've always assumed that
they used hydrazine to ensure really quick startup.

Ohhhh <smacks head> _inside_ the airplane.  <down home accent> Dang, them
Air Force fellers is smarter than we give 'em credit for.  


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