[rescue] Cycle 5 Board Upgrades, Found Reseller

Mike Nicewonger rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 15:00:10 CDT 2001

While Bodoman has always been fine to deal with IMHO, they are the folks
posting those horribly misleading ads for things like the pair of SM-100's
and the SS-10 VSIMMs for your SS-20.

Go figure.

Mike N
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Subject: [rescue] Cycle 5 Board Upgrades, Found Reseller

Hello everyone,
    I found a reseller selling Cycle 5 board upgrades for the SPARCstation
2.  They are selling them with 100 mhz chips for 60$ a board.
www.Bodoman.com is their URL, but they do not have the boards listed on
their site.  Contact them via email or phone to order.  Upon calling, I got
the impression that it is a fairly decent sized operation, and that they can
be trusted, but I have not recieved my board yet (ordered 10 minutes ago) so
I cannot make any definate comments yet.

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