[rescue] Repost - not sure if it previous post made it through...

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 13:29:37 CDT 2001

OK, here's the deal - I just got confimred two Ultra 30s for $350 in the configuration I described earlier (300 MHz CPU, 128 Meg RAM, 4 Gig HD, 12x CD country kit - *no* framebuffer), with $75 S/H (well, $150 for two ;^)

They have about 15 Ultra 30s...

They have about 200 Ultra 1/170e with similar specs (170 MHz CPU, 128 Meg RAM, 4 Gig HD, Creator Graphics & country kit) for $250 (not sure about monitors, may include a 20" monitor)

Call Lily at:

Lily Heneisen
Sun Specialist
lmheneisen at comdisco.com

And mention my name (I won't get a deal, but I told her Iwould refer my friends...)

Enjoy, I know I will!


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