[rescue] Silicon Samsara updated

Kevin Loch rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 10:17:59 CDT 2001


Those are some neat pics.  I am interested int he cgsix upgrade, since
I just tried that last night on my 3/60.  Get this,  when it powers up
and the monitor is attached (20e20) it prints scrambled lines to the
even though it is in sync.  If I power up without the monitor attached
and then
attach it, the display is fine.  Any reset (like when trying to boot)
does the
same thing if the monitor is attached.  I haven't tried it with an 
older monitor yet.  Is the cgsix supported under 4.1.1_U1?


jwbirdsa at picarefy.picarefy.com wrote:
>    If anybody cares, I've just posted another episode to
> www.siliconsamsara.org, this one being a treatise about cleaning up
> the active area of my computer room and why plugging too many things
> into too many other things is bad. Includes various views of old Suns,
> and I don't think any of the hardware pictured (except for the
> 10baseT/100baseTX hub and the UPSes) is newer than about 1995 at most. :)
>    --James B.
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