[rescue] RE: VSIMMs in SS/20 ("one VSIMM good, two VSIMMs better" - sorry George Orwell)

Brian Hechinger rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 10:16:29 CDT 2001

> > Prestoserve is a add-on to speed up some file operations, support is
> > tricky under more recent releases of Solaris (7 or 8)...
> What do you mean by "tricky"?  I ran 2 2MB NVSIMMs (not even a supported
> configuration) in my SS20/812 for over a year with Solaris 8.  I installed
> the latest presto patches as a matter of course and never had trouble.

are you talking about the SBus presto, or do they make one that uses the SX
slot?  that would be cool.  and if so, where do i find one and what sizes do 
they come in?  i'd rather have that than a second 24-bit display.  especially
since my home is NFS mounted.



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