[rescue] SS1+ tty?? ports under OpenBSD

Michael Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 02:18:51 CDT 2001

Maybe this is supposed to be IOTTMCO, but I can't find any reference
which would indicate what /dev/ttxx files refer to which rs-232/423
port on the SPARCstation 1+ under OpenBSD.

 I assumed /ttya is port A and /ttyb is port B, but something is wrong wi=
both my apc-upsd setup and my attempts make my old 'blazer call up
the county library system catalog. (Worked fine from my now dust-gatherin=
PeeCee.) All kinds of things could be wrong, but I want to at least
eliminate the port id as a confounding variable!

 With all the stuff that looks like a serial port in /dev, I might never =
the right one, especially if there is another problem. /dev/ttya and /tty=
would make sense, but there is also /ttyc and /ttyd, and only two DB-25s =
the back of this thing. I'm confused!!! =


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