[rescue] Opera and NetBSD -- STAY AWAY

Dan Debertin rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 01:23:55 CDT 2001

Just tried running the latest Opera for Solaris on NetBSD under
COMPAT_SVR4. I just want to warn any other NetBSD/sparc users out there
who might be considering doing this -- forget it.

It launched some sort of fork() bomb; my process table was full of opera
processes, most of them zombies. After a few half-hearted attempts at

ps auxw|awk '$0~/opera/&&$0!~/awk/{print $2}'|xargs kill -9,

it finally caused a kernel panic and down I went. Tried it several times;
the last time I did eventually get a (non-responsive) browser window
before going down.

I wasn't even running it as root; it's too bad that I can kill the
operating system as a nonprivileged user.

Oh well; back to netscape. I was hoping to get a non-sucking browser,
though. I suppose I could try IE for Solaris, but there's something oogie
about the prospect of having a /usr/local/microsoft directory...

fork(): Resource temporarily unavailable,

Dan Debertin
airboss at nodewarrior.org

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