[rescue] spousal units

Brian Dunbar rescue at sunhelp.org
Fri Jun 22 00:26:17 CDT 2001

>>ObSun:  All of us stuck using Outlook or
Outlook Web Access to deal with corporate
e-mail systems have *got* to find another
solution...I am *so* tired of this crap,
but our corporate e-mail admins took off
the POP3/IMAP services so I *must* use
OutHouse.  Any favorite solution to this
problem?  I'm about to start forwarding
everything to an IMAP spool and then
going after that with a web-based front-

There is an outfit in town called Bynari http://www.bynari.net/ that *seems*
to have an answer - a Unix client that replaces Outlook.  I think that's
what they're saying, it's late.  They've also Open Sourced their original
client http://tradeclient.sourceforge.net/ 

I haven't *used* any of these, mind you.  Just not enough time in a day.

brian.  Delirous Outlook User since 1998

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