[rescue] Dave's website -- spousal units

James Sharp rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 23:54:10 CDT 2001

> On June 21, James Sharp wrote:
> > > Coincidence? A connection between Florida and Washington, D.C.? ;^P
> >
> > Its another Einsten-Rosen bridge.  Similar to the one that connects Boston
> > with Greenbelt, MD and Laurel, MD with parts of suburbia Chicago.
>   Goddammit, ANOTHER ONE?!  We need to start databasing these damn
> things by endpoint.


>   Wait a minute...did you see that large circular object over in
> Greenbelt near Roosevelt Center yesterday?  It had a spinning center
> section with symbols on it, and seven chevrons around its perimiter,
> and this GORGEOUS Canadian blonde wearing fatigues standing there with

9 chevrons.  6 for destination determination, 1 for point of origin, 1 for
use as an "area code", and the last one has an unknown function.

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