[rescue] WTB: Stuff

Jonathan Katz rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 22:30:16 CDT 2001


I'm looking for the following stuff. Depending
on what I put together out of what spare parts
I may have a nice full system. Depending what
I build I'm looking at putting together a 
system and donating it to a worthy cause.

Looking for:
o Ultra1-style UPA Creator 3D Framebuffer
o SS1000/1000E
o sbus Ultra/Diff SCSI card
o decent center-channel speaker for my surround-sound setup
o 802.11 gear

Have to trade/sell:
o Alpha 3000/300 21064 at 150Mhz. 64 or 96M of RAM. ST1200N (1.2GB.) VMS 7.1 loaded. MISSING FRONT COVER.
o 2 X CG6 (single-wiedth sbus)
o uVAX2, 16M of RAM, a few n-hundred M of MFM hard disk. Ethernet. Pick-up in Indy, only.
o 2 X DHV-11 (VAX serial multiplexor, 8 * RS-232 ports... build a dial-up server)
o 2 X PDP11/23. Condition and stats unknown. BA23 rackmount cases, though!
o RACAL 28.8k external modem
o sbus HSSI card (no cable or break-out box)

You kids know how to reach me...


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