[rescue] Re: Rack units (was Re: spousal units)

Stephen Dowdy rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 20:06:07 CDT 2001

> ooh. ... > *boing*

Bill, this site has existed for at least one year. (i'm thinking it's been
2 or more, since i'm usually off by about that amount when i guess).

I've had it in my list at:
for many moons. (along with lots of other surplus/salvage places.  Wish i
could organize it better.  This list was started about 6 years ago,
so don't complain if something doesn't exist anymore.)

My problem with Halted, Alltronics, RA Enterprises (which appears to be
closing retail ops), etc, is that i don't live in California and can't
drop in :-(. They tend to have lots more goodies than they advertise on
their web pages.  Hmm, WierdStuff, also, is no longer around ... The evil
"Domain For Sale" monster has consumed it.  I guess i'll try cleaning my
list up a bit...

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