[rescue] RE: divide and conquer? (CPU design)

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Thu Jun 21 18:17:26 CDT 2001

mcguire at neurotica.com writes:

>  Umm, I have to correct you here, Ken.  For many years, Cray's product
>line has been split into two groups of machines...the MPP machines
>(Massively Parallel Processors) and the PVP machines (Parallel Vector
>Processors).  The MPP machines are based on nearly off-the-shelf
>processors (SuperSPARC for the CS6400, modified Alphas for the T3D and
>T3E) and are good at certain types of work.  The PVP machines are
>currently built around (and have been for some time) multiprocessor
>YMP architecture vector processors which won't even come close to
>fitting on a single chip, not even at today's densities.  Examples of
>current Cray PVP machines are the T90 and the SV1, with the SV2 being
>close to ready.

How many chips is the Jedi CPU?

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