[rescue] spousal units

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 17:10:00 CDT 2001

Just put a door between the two - in California they refered to that as the
"retreat" (not sure how common that term is).

When my wife & I were considering building a house, we were going to build
an expanded cape, with an attached 3 car garage (deep - Suburban Sized, with
room in front for storage). There was going to be a large room over the
garage with two shed dormers. I think the space was going to be about 18'
wide and 30' deep...

I would have had free-reign over that space, but when all was said and done,
the cost was too high (we found a 25 year-old Colonial for 25% less than the
expanded cape down the street...).

I never thought to negotiate for a radio tower 8^P


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> I have it pre-arranged that the next house will be a 5 bedroom, one for
> me&spouse, one for kiddie #1, one for kiddie #2, and one for machines,
> its own electrical sub-panel and big UPS with a transfer switch and maybe
> generator out back too :p.  Also, a clause for at least a 50 foot antenna
> mast in the back yard somewhere.
> Now, how to convince her that the master bedroom needs to be the one with
> the computer stuff in it, well ....
>   :).
> Gil

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