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Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 16:58:12 CDT 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Stefan Skoglund wrote:

> "Joshua D. Boyd" wrote:
> > same money.  Now, we are about to be required to do emissions testing if
> > we want to keep the money, and we have to yet again lower the legal blood
> > alchohol level even more.
> What is so bad about ENFORCING emission rules ??
My problem is that they aren't rules.  They are suggestions, and the
people are trying to put some weight behind the suggestion since they
can't turn it into a rule.  Fine.  But I wish my state would stop giving
in, since giving in just encourages it to happen again, giving even more
of the states control away to a less accountable power.

The problem is that the Federal government taxes us, then offers the money
back.  If we refuse the money, well they still keep taxing us for it, but
the the state also needs to raise taxes to make up for the loss of federal
dollars.  To state this more extremely than is tactful, I see this as the
federal government using money to acheive an end run around the

The bigger problem is that voters are too self involved and focusing on
the here and now rather than the big picture.  I would happily have my
state double or triple my taxes in exchange for accepting less federal
influence, but even those the state tripling taxes would be a small
increase compared to what we currently pay in federal and social security
taxes, people don't want to vote for polititians that raise taxes, even if
for once it really is a good reason.

> And here in Sweden at least the good-no good decision is based on
> the cars age ie cars from before 1988 doesn't need to meet the same
> emissions req as a post 1989 car and so on.

> I expect that the US states have the same rules if not then
> i pity you.

I don't think that California does that.  I don't know about Philly (which
is much closer).
> Sweden's decision to drop leaded fuel 1988 has made improvements in our
> wildlife.

I think we dropped leaded fuel long before that.  At least, we stopped
making cars that took leaded fuel long before that.  I don't know that
I've ever seen a 1970 or new car that was meant to take leaded.  But,
maybe they were off the roads before I was old enough to notice.

Joshua Boyd

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