[rescue] RE: Small schools.& elections & Bush

Stefan Skoglund rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 16:06:14 CDT 2001

Gil Young wrote:
> Also, who wants a whiny crybaby Gore in office anyway?  After the way he
> acted, he sunk his political career for good.  And a contination of Clinton
> policy, yea, thats what Americea needed,  more criminal pardons and sunken

As far as i can see Gore made a point of not asking Clinton for campaign
Which says a lot i think.

> I am embarrassed to be a Floridian from the past election, but to tell the
> real truth, all the news stories I have read (and I think i read them all,
Why are you so embarassed ???
IT has suited everyone before that the ballots is easily tampered with.

And I wonder why black areas have the worst ballot machines ...

> Whats there to be scared about?  Cause he shows a backbone every now and
> then?  Because he actually looks out for Americas best interest on the
> foreign policy front?

I haven't seen any backbone from your president yet.
Oh he sugared his talk towards the EU while here in Gothenburg.

> I think the foreign policy report he should be using is that he is
> disappointed that the foreign leaders are not seeing things more his way,

I hope i didn't hear that.
Remember people what you have a fair percentage of not-americans aboard.

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