[rescue] WTB: IBM IDE HD

Joshua D. Boyd rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 13:52:28 CDT 2001

I've had decent support from Maxtor too.  I've heard some really good
things about Seagates support in the past.  Don't know if it is still the
same though.  I have a friend who was allowing his seagates to over heat
(super fast/hot seagate A/V drivers, poorly ventilated drive tower, no AC,
record breaking heat that summer), and Seagate replaced them for him.

Speaking of heat, I should power down my fileserver and check hot the new
30gig Maxtor is doing heat wise.  The server has no direct ventilation
over drive bays, and the Maxtor is packed in with no extra room for
airflow (on one side is some 1.7gig drive, brand forgotton, on the other
side is an 8.4gig Maxtor that is disconnected and not generating heat).

Joshua Boyd

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Chris Petersen wrote:

> Feh.  WD is nowhere near as nice as they used to be about warranty returns -
> I had a drive well-within warranty turned down because part of the plastic
> casing around the IDE connector was *cracked*.  Something which I still
> think happened whilst they had it, but could never prove.  I went 4 rounds
> with them on it, never did get a new drive, only insulted by Western Digital
> tech managers.
> As I understand it (from one of their own people), they're now cracking down
> on all warranty returns almost anally - if it ain't pristine from the
> factory, they won't take it, period.
> BTW, the reason they failed the drive with the crack in the plastic casing? 
> The old "ESD" excuse...I might buy it on a newer, higher-speed drive but
> this was an older 2GB drive, well known for certain types of failure and
> often prone to warranty replacement.  My guess was that they were told to
> find reason to take as few of them back at this stage as possible.  Heck, if
> I was more cynical I would accuse them of damaging the drive for that very
> reason.
> Anyways, for IDE, I hear really good things about IBM.  Everybody else is
> so-so, although Maxtor always had really, really good support.  For SCSI,
> I've had really good success with Quantum, Seagate Barracudas & Hawks, and
> IBM.  I've not had the opportunity to try a Fujitsu drive yet, but I hear
> they're fairly passable as well.
> Chris
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> On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 02:31:43PM -0400, nick at snowman.net wrote:
> > Most of the reason I love WD is exactly what you just described.  They say
> > "what's the manufacturer date on the drive" I tell them, they ship me a
> > new drive while I ship the old one back.  Done.  Seagate do that? heh yeah
> > right.
> > 	Nick
> > 
> > On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Dan Sikorski wrote:
> > 
> > > > Wait a minute.  I thought that Seagates were supposed to be good.
> > > What is
> > > > good?  In IDE, I have Fujitsu, Maxtor, Western-Digital, and Seagate.
> > > > Scsi, I have, well, I have Maxtor and Seegate, not sure what else.
> > > Which
> > > > of these are decent, which aren't?
> > > 
> > > This is bound to start a holy war similar to the vi (yeah!) vs. emacs
> > > (boo!) one.  I have yet to find a HD manufacturer that everyone can
> > > agree on.  Personally, I've had good experience with Maxtor for IDE
> > > drives.  Also, IMHO, great people can make up for a failed drive.  I had
> > > a Western Digital drive fail, and called in to get a replacement.  This
> > > happened to be on my birthday.  I got the drive the next day, and it's
> > > manufacturing date was my birthday.  So, I now have a WD drive that was
> > > made on my 20th birthday. Besides, if anyone counts on a hard drive to
> > > not fail, they're nuts.  We all know that HD's fail, regardless of
> > > manufacturer.  This is (part of the reason) why we back things up.
> > > 
> > > 	-Dan Sikorski
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