[rescue] RE: FDDI vs switched 100BaseTX, vs SPARC LX

Robert Novak rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 12:28:20 CDT 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Loomis, Rip wrote:

> Has anyone ever gotten an le* interface to successfully auto-negotiate
> with *any* switch capable of 100Mbps full-duplex?  I've gotten this
> particular switch (and others with similar behavior) to work with
> 3C509 ISA cards and properly auto-negotiate--it seems to be only the
> le* drivers.  Haven't yet had a chance to test under *BSD or Linux to
> see if it's an issue specific to Solaris, and I can't find much on the
> web that seems directly relevant.

I've connected SS2/4/5/20 systems to switch ports on an Accelar 1050,
Accelar 1200, and Accelar/Passport 8600 in my days at Bay/Nortel. I think
my slower stuff at home is going into the Cabletron (24x10T, 2x100TX) on
10Base ports, but I've definitely done it.

I've had autoneg problems with Sun's PCI gigabit cards on a Passport 8600
recently... sigh.

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