[rescue] 670MP windfall in the surplus diving frenzy today.....

Greg A. Woods rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 11:45:44 CDT 2001

[ On Thursday, June 21, 2001 at 11:42:14 (-0400), Kevin Loch wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: [rescue] 670MP windfall in the surplus diving frenzy  today.....
> It's just a matter of building it out.  We have 10' clearance in our
> basement.

You have 10 _feet_ of clearance?  In your BASEMENT?  Wow!  I though I
was doing well to find an affordable house here with a 6.5' basement (in
an area of the city well above the lake and where the clay is well over
100' deep given the 40-foot pit and deeper pilings holes they just dug
at the end of the street for a new 30-story condo).  I did manage to get
a 6-foot 30"-deep cabinet in, though it just barely had room to tip back
up with the corner up between the floor joists (83" diagonal), and I had
to tip it back down again to get it under the centre beam of course.
It'll involve removing the ceiling tiles again (if I ever get them
re-installed first, which I should just for sound-proofing) to move it
out again....

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