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Thu Jun 21 11:06:18 CDT 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Bill Bradford wrote:

> I think the best moment at our household was when I had the 4/690MP
> (full datacenter chassis/rack) delivered via freight.
> Amy calls me at work.  "I think you better come home for lunch."
> I get home.
> She's out in the garage, staring at it like the monolith from 2001.
> "You told me it was the size of a fridge.. I thought you meant DORM FRIDGE."
> The best part about that box (which sadly, came with no CPU boards, etc)
> was actually DISMANTLING it - taking everything out of the rack, getting 
> a replacement caster wheel, etc.  I wish I hadnt sold the chassis/rack.
> Bill

At least you can get them delivered out west.  On the east side of the US,
people just tell you that you have to stop by Dave McGuire's house
and get them..  That is of course because all the good hardware stops
there first.  Dave seems to run the "cool computer distribution center" in
the eastern US (weather he wants to admit it or not) :-)

-Linc Fessenden

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