[rescue] 670MP windfall in the surplus diving frenzy today.....

Dan Sikorski rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 10:07:39 CDT 2001

>  >> > b) anything your spouse would laugh at if you brought in the
>  >>
>  >> Time for a new (read: reasonable enough to take the zebra WITH his
>  >> stripes) spouse. ;)
>  >Depends on how important computers are to you. Most of us (myself
>  >included) were smart enough to pair off with someone tolerant of our
>  >stuff. Those people are a rare find, though.
> My wife actually help me load my first 2 Suns (4/370's) that I'd
> to pieces the night before into our small 2-door car.  Also, she
> mind sitting in the back seat supporting most of the weight of an
> x70
> chassis and other large bits for the 3 trips it took to get them home.
> She's never laughed at any of the stuff I've brought home.  A rare
> indeed!!!
> Rob.

After this thread started, I had to test my girlfriend.  So, I asked
her...  IF we were to get married and have a house, and I brought home
some old monstrosity of a computer, would you get upset about it or call
me crazy?  To which she replied that she wouldn't, and would understand
that computers are my hobby and profession.  So, I asked her if she was
sure, and pointed her to a picture of a Cyber 205
(http://histoire.info.online.fr/images/cyber205.jpeg as shown to me by
Dave McGuire) and explained that the computer was the thing on the
right, not just the little things on the table.  She still said she'd
have no problems, but then asked the REAL question...  She asked that if
she accidently tripped over a cable or something, and fried the whole
thing if I'd be upset.  Of course I said that I would be upset that the
computer was toast, but not that she accidently tripped over it.  I
think I've found the perfect woman.  

	-Dan Sikorski

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