[rescue] RE: VSIMMs in SS/20 ("one VSIMM good, two VSIMMs better" - sorry George Orwell)

Ken Hansen rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 09:02:31 CDT 2001

The little board that takes up one SBUS slot is an Aux video board - it provides the second framebuffer output - your machine has two, seperate framebuffers. You can run dual-head, if you want.

Prestoserve is a add-on to speed up some file operations, support is tricky under more recent releases of Solaris (7 or 8)...

My SS/20s are about to get 4 Meg VSIMMs and an Aux board (like you rlittle one) so they can run dual-head 24 bit color. I found a guy that offered me 2x 4 Meg VSIMMs and 2x Aux video cards for $125 + 5 S/H. I am happy with that deal ;^), but now the bigger, better deal is on the horizon...

Isn't that always the way...


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Ken Hansen wrote:

> I don't think yo can run 3x VSIMMs in an SS/20 - I thought only two were supported (one using the built-in 13w3 connector, the other requiring an aux video board)...

No, there was one in each slot, and a third just floating free inside
the case. All test good, and I'm using two of them now. What requires an
aux video board? There are two VSIMM slots on the system board. Am I not
using both VSIMMS? If not, I'll pull one out and stick another 16M RAM
in to put me over the 300M mark.

By the way, is that little video connector board (plugs into a small
white header on the system board) the aux video board you refer to?
What's it's purpose? Just another connector, if I want a dual headed
system? What's a prestoserve card?

> Either way, great find! I just got two additional 4 Meg VSIMMs and aux video cards for my two SS/20s, which I may wind-up selling if my Ultra 30 deal comes through...

Cool. Yeah, it's funny, I was at some show (LinuxWorld?) where Sun was
giving out Solaris 8 media for SPARC. I took one even though I didn't
have a machine to load it on (SS2 and SLC; neither of which...). Now I
fall into not one, but TWO free (non-booting) SS20s, good enough to
build one decent box that does boot, and I've got an OS to load on it. A
sign from God telling me to get back into Solaris? Heh.

> Pity, they are such nice SS/20s too 2x SM71s, soon to have dual 4 Meg VSIMMs, etc... But the Ultra 30s are, um, nicer!

So there is beneft to having both VSIMMs? Cool.


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