[rescue] "New" SPARCserver 20

linc rescue at sunhelp.org
Thu Jun 21 09:01:55 CDT 2001

On Thu, 21 Jun 2001, Joshua D. Boyd wrote:

> Last night, I let Debian update me from Mozilla 0.9.1-3 (I think the -3 is
> the package revision) to Mozilla 0.9.1-4.  This upgrade, while still
> theoretically the same version isn't working too well.  Maybe I just need
> to reset X though...
> BTW, when linux fscks a disk after a bad shutdown, does it keep a log of
> what it fixes?  I got home from work yesterday and found that my
> workstation had hard locked (never seen it do that before when there
> wasn't anyone using it), and fsck turned up quite a number of errors, but
> I didn't write the down, and they weren't specific, like I don't think
> they gave the inode number.  This was before I upgraded Mozilla though, so
> it probably is unrelated.

Just thought I'd interject here..  I have been running RedHat 6.2 on a
sparc 20 since the week of it's release and it has *never* locked up.  I
am not sure about an fsck log either..  Did you look in /var/log/messages?


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